Monday, December 15, 2008

Sweet Baby Gal "Letter E" Has the flu Along with Letter's C and D

So As most of you know i am so FREAKY when FLU shots open up for business i am the first in line with All 5 of my kids "Letters A,B,C,D and E" oldest to smallest one by one just like an assembly line ROFL we all get the flu shot!

WELL bah humbug 3 weeks ago my sweet angel "Letter C" she is 4 years old she comes home from school and says Mommy i don't Fell So....BLAH yes BLAH and that's where it all began she was so sick for a solid week with none other that ROTAVIRUS omgoawd i was a wreck everyone was quarantined in separate rooms and my mother in law came {you know its bad when i am calling in for back up help lol} and it was just a nightmare! She ran such high fever's and chill's and just omgosh heartbreaking it was! So we spent three days back and fourth to the Dr.s office loads of tests but ultimately there is no cure for this it just had to run its course and what a nasty gross course it was UGH!

So we got that under our belt and she was in the clear to go back to school so she returned to school after missing 10 days and i was so happy for her! WELL she came home it was last Friday and she began to talk and i literally slammed my brakes i dropped off a healthy happy non sick little girl well i picked up a sweet baby gal who sounded like she swallowed a frog YUCK you have got to be kidding me that's all i was thinking! WELL off to the Dr. 1 hour away mind you! He says well she has no strep...and she has had her flu shot...puzzled he looks at me and says well lets just swab her nose any ways for the flu virus and i just laughed no way Dr...i exclaimed i am the queen of antibacterial soap and i don't dare let my children near a shopping cart we are huge hand washers.... there just is no freaking way! WELL guess the joke was on me indeed because she tested positive for the flu strain.... WHAT.... WHAT ....WHAT.... i wanted to whack him LOL seriously ...are you jocking ...this has to be America's funniest home video's RIGHT no wait let me click my heels together "There is no place like home...No place like home! Well he then explains its very contagious WHAT way i am a wreck and in tears for sure i call my husband who is laughing at me for crying LOL and i let him have an ear full! So my Dr. GOD LOVE HIM always the pessimistic one says here is antibiotic for "Letter C,D,and E" the three babies {3,4 and 10 month old} so i gasp no way we will need this i exclaimed....i will keep her in her room we will be fine "HE giggles" What the heck no way not a time to giggle DR. LOL That was on a Friday around 5pm Saturday 6am Letter D crys "momma my throack it huwts" AHHHHHHH..... then sweet baby D awakes at 9am burning up with fever and a cough LOVELY! So all three have been on zithromax today was the last day and i must say "I SURVIVED" i thought for sure i would be a wreck but "I am okay" it passed quickly and the Dr really took care of me he gave me phenergan with antihystamine's (sp) and god love him he knew when i could not even grasp the idea of everyone having the FLU.... THANK GOD....he took care of me! Me and my husband and the older too kiddos "Letter's A and B" no FLU knock on wood LOL pray that we stay well LOL!

Here is Baby D not feeling well and not letting me brush my teeth LOL

huge hugs

Happy Birthday My sweet Gal "Letter C" turned 3 YAY!

Birthday's at our house come one after the other LOL with 5 children "Letter's A,B,C,D and E" what more could one expect! With Letter C her birthday fell 2 days before turkey day this year so we did it on Thanksgiving Day Whooo hoooo :) I was so Excited for her! She DEMANDED lol that she would have a fairy birthday as in Tinkerbell she played so hard and had so much fun! My house was full of Love ,Laughter and LOADS of family, Friends, and yummy food! My Sweet Dear husband made two turkey YUMMY he deep fried one YAY husband and then he and i cooked one traditional together all i have to say is thank GOD for him Because i was not about to stick my hand in that turkey's BUM no way no how ROFL! GROSS! lol All in ALL it was a very blessed day and Definitely time to upgrade the camera being that all of my pictures came out blurry i don't know what the heck i did wrong? bah humbug!

Love ALicia i hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and sorry for being behind on my post's!

Her yummy IceCream Cake YUMMY Indeed LOL

OH these cupcakes were so oh lordy yummy!

My sweet gal with Sheer Excitement...Excuse the bad hair they were playing pillow fight UGH... i tell yah she is definetly a girly gal with a bit of tom boy for sure LOL

Thanks for letting me share ALicia

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Huge 12 Days of X-Mas Giveaway! YAY

Hi Gals....Well my Dear friend and Bead Geek...LOL Canela is doing a huge giveaway at her blog and let me just say for the record her work is amazing ...AMAZING.....she does sterling silver anything and everything under the sun and if you are the lucky winner you must share her goodies with me heheheheee.....just teasing! But do go and see her AWESOME giveaway here:

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Tell Canela that Alicia from ButterflyGem Sent yah for extra chances to win! YAY!
Hugs a bunch ALicia

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sweet Treat 2008 "Yummy New Line!"

SwEeT ToOtH New Line 2008 Collection!

Hey Girl's Well this has been so Much fun Launching this New Line of Gem's and although it's not quiet yet finished!

I will be adding Candybar Fringe Bracelet's Along with single Strand Bracelet's Necklace's Over the next few Week's!

Please do Tell me what you think of my New line! It has been so much fun Creating this line! I love my Three year old who inspires me Daily! She is Addicted to Laffy Taffy Banana Flavour and while Driving in the car i was thinking aloud and my sweetie pie Asks "Mommy can you make me a laffy taffy bracelet?" I Replied Sweetie i will have to ask my polymer clay Gal if she can make the bead's!

THEN the lightbulb went off and instantly i began eating tons of candy LOL my whole family and neighbours have been eating candy for weeks now GOD Love them! I had to figure out how to seal the candy wrapper's so they would be Strong and Super TUFF to withstand all of our Princess's! LOL so once that was done i began to work and what a beautiful and wonderful new line was created!

We all need to do more for our children and our children's children to be more EARTH friendly! GO GREEN!

Yummy....This Line Definetly Added 5-10 Pounds to my Waiste line! Needless to say i have not Slept in Night's and Night's and Night's! LOL Please do Let me know how much you Love or Hate my new line by leaving me a Message! Thanks For Peeking!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Marie-Therese Gown GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

OH MY GAWD did yall' See this Beautiful Custom Handmade ooak Designer gown....That i am gonna win ROFL!
huge hugs

Marie-Therese Gown GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

And the Winner Is.......

With a guess of 160

Total amount was 161 candy corns

How Exciting Congrat's! Please go to my Web store and Pick a Halloween goodie of your choice!

Happy Halloween!



Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I WAS ON THE FRONT page of Etsy OMGOSH how Exciting!

So i Open Email's Today and was FLOODED with dear friend's and customer's and ORDER'S LOL and TONS of Congrat's! I WAS APPARENTLY Featured on the Front page of Etsy! How Exciting! See :) Dosen't My Economy Buster Rough and Ready Wear Hand stamped Necklace look Amazing along side of these other AMAZING Creative Designer's!
Thanks again for Everyone's Support! ALicia

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Shenandoah Costume GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

Shenandoah Costume GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

Oh you Definetly need to Enter to WIN WIN WIN this beautiful Dress! I hate to even call it a costume! It's Stunning!
Huge hugs

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Halloween Give*Away B~O~O

{Yummy CandyCorn}

Oh I Love Halloween.....LOL This Give*Away will be for a FREE Halloween Goodie Of your Choice From My Etsy Store!

Please Submit your Number guess and Email by Responding to this Post!
The Winner will be Chosen on October,15th,2008!

"Happy Halloween!"
Alicia {ButterflyGem}

Saturday, September 20, 2008

New Line is on it's Way! TOP secret info LOL

It's so Terribly hard to keep this a TOP SECRET LOL

I am so Terribly Excited to say the least i am working like a work horse LOL non stop day and night to get my new line listed when you gals see it your just gonna die its hysterically crafty and so awesomely stinken cute! SO i will give you gals a hint:

Have a hankering for something yummy and sweet?

Check out My "Sweet Tooth Line" LOL

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Featured On Etsy's Gift Guide!

WHooooo Hooooooo! ButterflyGem is Featured Along With Esty's Top Elite Deisgner's out of the Thousands and Thousands of children's Gift's and Designers My Beautiful Ribbon Necklace Was Chosen WHAT an Honor! Its because of all of my Wonderful Customer's And Supportive Family that i Accept this Wonderful and amazing Honor! :) {i Feel like a Movie star rofl}

Thanks Again ALicia

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A New YUMMY Line Coming Soon....

Don't You Just Hate when i Tease you girls?

I Have a New Yummy EARTH Friendly ......Mommy Drooling......Exciting new line! I am Finishing this line up as we Speak and i just know it will be a huge hit! My Three year old Said : "Oh My Gosh Mommy!" So that's a Sure sign that i may have a hit on my hands!
Please Check Back over the Weekend As i will be doing a Giveaway That you Will not Want to Miss! :)

I will Also Be Adding Elegant Halloween 2008 to my collection The Bat Girl Line is Already up and Running! I love My Batty Pieces there so Adorable! {for the Matching Custom outfit Contact me and i will give you Adrianne's Link she is an amazing Designer!}

Thanks For Stopping By!

Thursday, July 31, 2008




Please pick whatever you would like from my etsy store and i will ship your winning pick on Monday! Thanks again to all who Participated!


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

FREE GiveAway BOGO Sale!

Hey Gal's in Honor of My huge BOGO sale I Am having a FrEe Giveaway for a piece of jewelry of your choice either from my store or maybe something special for you or a Dear Precious Angel! HOW EXCITING! So Enter Below By Responding to this Post For a Chance to Win!

Drawing will Close on July,31st 2008 Thursday!

Thanks for your Continued Support!


Monday, July 28, 2008

BoGo Sale SaLe SALE!!!!!

Bogo Sale

******ChRiStMaS In JuLy SALE******

Monday July,28th Through Thursday July 31St 2008

Buy One Get the Second 1/2 Off BoGo SALE!

Yikes LOL Have Fun and shop SHOP ShOp!!!

Hey Girls ButterflyGem has Gone Christmas Crazy in July with our Bogo Sale! Thanks for your Continued support!


Friday, July 18, 2008

FingerPrint Friday "Laughter"


My Peace of Mind ....My Grounding....My Miracles....and Especially my Laughter Can all be summed up in 5 tiny Voices that Call me MOM! Its amazing that you in your heart always think you know WHAT and HOW you want your life to be when your 17/18 years old then like a bolt of LIGHTNING God says hey ...that's totally not your choice my Dear! LOL

My Nanny always said that Angels carried my husband on there wings to me.... She's older than me so i would have to agree but boy what an argument that could be.....Just kidding LOL

God Gave me my FingerPrint in a bathroom stall today of all places! LOL

My Precious three year old has to visit every bathroom in every county along the gulf coast i kid you not....we have visited 9 million bathrooms from the time she has begun fully wearing big girl panties!

So today We went shopping an hour away from home and of course she starts the whole mommy....mommy...i gotta go right now i am like omgosh now really NOW to which she peers from under her hair and says uh mad dash to the bathroom {which was 9 bazillion miles away of course} so we finally get there SHEW and she tinkles and i help her zip as she hops up she looks very puzzaled....and confussed....i say okay okay come on...Mommy has some serious shopping to do missy! She again looks very concerned and faces the toilet i began omgosh don't you dare touch that thing...LOL so she Exclaims in the most precious voice "OKAY MAGIC TOILET FLUSH" .......All the while waiting for the toilet to flush! LOL she stares back at me and says Mommy the magic toilet is broken.....all i could do was bust out laughing...i was laughing so hard... as was the other 3 older ladies in the restroom....of course i had to explain that the potty's at walmart have an automatic flush and we visit it quiet often i stood there all red-faced with laughter! I hurried back and told my husband who explained BOY does that explain alot we know why we MUST go to the bathroom everytime we are out and about!

I just love the fact that she is so smart and so innocent and so amazingly super cute and i THANK GOD every day for my beautiful Footprint on this World!

My Sweetie at age 3

If you wuld like to join in on Friday FingerPrints Register here:

And be sure to check all all of gods miracle's through fingerPrint Friday Here:

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Miracle of Life!

So i Needed to Blog in the worst kind of Way it's been a few weeks :( Busy Busy .....I was Reading my Dearest Friend Canela's Blog tonight and Felt Deeply Inspired ....It's been a Wonderful week with the small Miracles in my life {all 5 of them}and so i figured i would Piggie-back Canela's Beautiful Post Hope y'all Enjoy!

Quote:I found a few blogs today participating in Fingerprint Friday. A group of women sharing some beautiful photos to show the amazing glory of God in our world through his creations and works.
My contribution this week is:

The Miracle of life... My sweet baby from 8 Weeks of Conception...I was told she was not a viable baby ...that she either had down syndrome or trisomy13 and had Nephrosis of the kidneys and shortened limbs of the arms and legs.....When my Doctor said to do an Interrupted Pregnancy i was Devastated.....THANK GOD my heart told me it would be okay! Well i am happy to say that GOD Saw it Different for my sweet Baby girl She was born Feb.1st with the most wonderful spirit of any baby i have ever known...I LOVE HER! She is my Miracle My Footprint on the World!

My precious Miracle baby number 5 and Our newest Addition turned 5 Months Old on July 1st .....Isn't she the most beautiful baby in all the world!

Thanks for Blogging With Us!

If you wuld like to join in on Friday Footprints Register here:

And be sure to check all all of gods miracle's through fingerprint Friday Here:

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saying Hello, My gosh i Never knew Setting up a Blog was this much work!

I am so Excited to bring you this Blog...To Learn more in depth about Me and My Loving Family and my Buissness! This Buissness Was started out By Shopping like a Mad women at 2 and 3Am To Find Beautiful Accesories to Match My most Loved Designer's new outfit's! Then One Day A Dear Said Hey you....LOL Why are you selling and giving your jewelry away for FREE! {silly me!} I Explained i have no time being PTO President at my children's School was my life! For Four Years that's all i knew! So she said let me do all of the Work you just make jewelry and thus came Butterfly*Gems! My gosh it's hard to Believe that I Grown So Much Since Then! It's hard to Believe that was in 2004 ....WoW how i have grown and expanded and just Been Blessed! {{{I heart my Growth and Friendship with all of My Loyal Customers who have taken this Journey With Me}}} What An Adventure!

I {ALicia}am the mommy of 5 ...yes 5 ....beautiful children {3 girls and 2 boys} I am the Jewelry Designer behind all of your beautiful Jewelry needs...i am also the loving wife to my dear husband who is a professor at the university of South Alabama! We Live in Alabama {originally from Mississippi...but Relocated after Katrina}

I LOVE LOVE LOVE making's My passion! As of Recently I have been Swamped Designing Jewelry and Bow's to Match all of My most Loved Designer's! It's Been Amazingly Fun! I are now on Etsy and you can find TONS of Design's There

If you Don't See what your Looking For Please know I Love Custom Order's Just Drop Me an Email! Thanks for getting to know Me and I look forward in outfitting the princess/prince or even you in custom Gem's For Year's to Come!
Huge Hugs, ALicia