Thursday, September 11, 2008

A New YUMMY Line Coming Soon....

Don't You Just Hate when i Tease you girls?

I Have a New Yummy EARTH Friendly ......Mommy Drooling......Exciting new line! I am Finishing this line up as we Speak and i just know it will be a huge hit! My Three year old Said : "Oh My Gosh Mommy!" So that's a Sure sign that i may have a hit on my hands!
Please Check Back over the Weekend As i will be doing a Giveaway That you Will not Want to Miss! :)

I will Also Be Adding Elegant Halloween 2008 to my collection The Bat Girl Line is Already up and Running! I love My Batty Pieces there so Adorable! {for the Matching Custom outfit Contact me and i will give you Adrianne's Link she is an amazing Designer!}

Thanks For Stopping By!

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