Saturday, September 20, 2008

New Line is on it's Way! TOP secret info LOL

It's so Terribly hard to keep this a TOP SECRET LOL

I am so Terribly Excited to say the least i am working like a work horse LOL non stop day and night to get my new line listed when you gals see it your just gonna die its hysterically crafty and so awesomely stinken cute! SO i will give you gals a hint:

Have a hankering for something yummy and sweet?

Check out My "Sweet Tooth Line" LOL

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Featured On Etsy's Gift Guide!

WHooooo Hooooooo! ButterflyGem is Featured Along With Esty's Top Elite Deisgner's out of the Thousands and Thousands of children's Gift's and Designers My Beautiful Ribbon Necklace Was Chosen WHAT an Honor! Its because of all of my Wonderful Customer's And Supportive Family that i Accept this Wonderful and amazing Honor! :) {i Feel like a Movie star rofl}

Thanks Again ALicia

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A New YUMMY Line Coming Soon....

Don't You Just Hate when i Tease you girls?

I Have a New Yummy EARTH Friendly ......Mommy Drooling......Exciting new line! I am Finishing this line up as we Speak and i just know it will be a huge hit! My Three year old Said : "Oh My Gosh Mommy!" So that's a Sure sign that i may have a hit on my hands!
Please Check Back over the Weekend As i will be doing a Giveaway That you Will not Want to Miss! :)

I will Also Be Adding Elegant Halloween 2008 to my collection The Bat Girl Line is Already up and Running! I love My Batty Pieces there so Adorable! {for the Matching Custom outfit Contact me and i will give you Adrianne's Link she is an amazing Designer!}

Thanks For Stopping By!