Friday, July 18, 2008

FingerPrint Friday "Laughter"


My Peace of Mind ....My Grounding....My Miracles....and Especially my Laughter Can all be summed up in 5 tiny Voices that Call me MOM! Its amazing that you in your heart always think you know WHAT and HOW you want your life to be when your 17/18 years old then like a bolt of LIGHTNING God says hey ...that's totally not your choice my Dear! LOL

My Nanny always said that Angels carried my husband on there wings to me.... She's older than me so i would have to agree but boy what an argument that could be.....Just kidding LOL

God Gave me my FingerPrint in a bathroom stall today of all places! LOL

My Precious three year old has to visit every bathroom in every county along the gulf coast i kid you not....we have visited 9 million bathrooms from the time she has begun fully wearing big girl panties!

So today We went shopping an hour away from home and of course she starts the whole mommy....mommy...i gotta go right now i am like omgosh now really NOW to which she peers from under her hair and says uh mad dash to the bathroom {which was 9 bazillion miles away of course} so we finally get there SHEW and she tinkles and i help her zip as she hops up she looks very puzzaled....and confussed....i say okay okay come on...Mommy has some serious shopping to do missy! She again looks very concerned and faces the toilet i began omgosh don't you dare touch that thing...LOL so she Exclaims in the most precious voice "OKAY MAGIC TOILET FLUSH" .......All the while waiting for the toilet to flush! LOL she stares back at me and says Mommy the magic toilet is broken.....all i could do was bust out laughing...i was laughing so hard... as was the other 3 older ladies in the restroom....of course i had to explain that the potty's at walmart have an automatic flush and we visit it quiet often i stood there all red-faced with laughter! I hurried back and told my husband who explained BOY does that explain alot we know why we MUST go to the bathroom everytime we are out and about!

I just love the fact that she is so smart and so innocent and so amazingly super cute and i THANK GOD every day for my beautiful Footprint on this World!

My Sweetie at age 3

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artsyclay said...

Glad you found Fingerprint Friday! Your little fingerprint is adorable! What a cute story. =D

Butterfly*Gems said...

aweee thanks so much she is very high maintance and funny and smart ....i can already tell that GOD gave her to me for lots of reason's! LOL ALicia

MindyG said...

Thanks for sharing your cute story! You have an adorable little daughter.