Monday, December 15, 2008

Happy Birthday My sweet Gal "Letter C" turned 3 YAY!

Birthday's at our house come one after the other LOL with 5 children "Letter's A,B,C,D and E" what more could one expect! With Letter C her birthday fell 2 days before turkey day this year so we did it on Thanksgiving Day Whooo hoooo :) I was so Excited for her! She DEMANDED lol that she would have a fairy birthday as in Tinkerbell she played so hard and had so much fun! My house was full of Love ,Laughter and LOADS of family, Friends, and yummy food! My Sweet Dear husband made two turkey YUMMY he deep fried one YAY husband and then he and i cooked one traditional together all i have to say is thank GOD for him Because i was not about to stick my hand in that turkey's BUM no way no how ROFL! GROSS! lol All in ALL it was a very blessed day and Definitely time to upgrade the camera being that all of my pictures came out blurry i don't know what the heck i did wrong? bah humbug!

Love ALicia i hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and sorry for being behind on my post's!

Her yummy IceCream Cake YUMMY Indeed LOL

OH these cupcakes were so oh lordy yummy!

My sweet gal with Sheer Excitement...Excuse the bad hair they were playing pillow fight UGH... i tell yah she is definetly a girly gal with a bit of tom boy for sure LOL

Thanks for letting me share ALicia

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Hannah said...

She is *so* beautiful! Happy Belated Birthday, darling girl! We love you!