Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A Huge 12 Days of X-Mas Giveaway! YAY

Hi Gals....Well my Dear friend and Bead Geek...LOL Canela is doing a huge giveaway at her blog and let me just say for the record her work is amazing ...AMAZING.....she does sterling silver anything and everything under the sun and if you are the lucky winner you must share her goodies with me heheheheee.....just teasing! But do go and see her AWESOME giveaway here:

OR Look over to your Right and click on her link in my sidebar---->

Tell Canela that Alicia from ButterflyGem Sent yah for extra chances to win! YAY!
Hugs a bunch ALicia


Jamie said...

Ooo, how fun...I'm off to check it out!!

You are too funny responding to my rant post, hehe! My husband used to give me the blank stare if I needed to leave the house by myself (of course I only have three) but now he's gotten used to it YAY!

I need to get crackin' on Christmas shoppping...and get a look at your new stuff...I can't believe how soon it is!

Have a great day Alicia :-)

Cinnamon*Sticks Boutique said...

Geek?!!!! Just beacause I like, well okay Love bead? Just because I have a small fortune in lampwork stashed away that I wont share with the world? Just because I could talk hours about beads and jewelry and....
Oh fine I guess I'm a bead geek ;o)

Thanks for posting Alicia! Hugs

ButterflyGem said...

ROFL yes canela shamefully enough were bead geeks we just definetly brand it and wear it proud hahahahahaaaaa (((happy thanksgiving))))) sending yah lots of love and huge hugs!

Lord jamie if only i could get my husband used to being alone with them ROFL he is such a chicken ROFL! I tell him boy wouldn't it be funny if i were scared of them ROFL! he just gives me that "Oh i love yah' so much" Look ROFL!

BALCK FRIDAY is all i have to say here i come! LOL i will share all of my finds on friday night if i am not exausted LOL

hugs a bunch!