Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sweet Treat 2008 "Yummy New Line!"

SwEeT ToOtH New Line 2008 Collection!

Hey Girl's Well this has been so Much fun Launching this New Line of Gem's and although it's not quiet yet finished!

I will be adding Candybar Fringe Bracelet's Along with single Strand Bracelet's Necklace's Over the next few Week's!

Please do Tell me what you think of my New line! It has been so much fun Creating this line! I love my Three year old who inspires me Daily! She is Addicted to Laffy Taffy Banana Flavour and while Driving in the car i was thinking aloud and my sweetie pie Asks "Mommy can you make me a laffy taffy bracelet?" I Replied Sweetie i will have to ask my polymer clay Gal if she can make the bead's!

THEN the lightbulb went off and instantly i began eating tons of candy LOL my whole family and neighbours have been eating candy for weeks now GOD Love them! I had to figure out how to seal the candy wrapper's so they would be Strong and Super TUFF to withstand all of our Princess's! LOL so once that was done i began to work and what a beautiful and wonderful new line was created!

We all need to do more for our children and our children's children to be more EARTH friendly! GO GREEN!

Yummy....This Line Definetly Added 5-10 Pounds to my Waiste line! Needless to say i have not Slept in Night's and Night's and Night's! LOL Please do Let me know how much you Love or Hate my new line by leaving me a Message! Thanks For Peeking!


cinnamonspice said...

Ohhh, Alicia, you are too right! This new line is absolutely too sweet! I especially love the tootsie roll one, probably 'cuz chocolate is always on my mind!

ButterflyGem said...

awe thanks so much :) i have a chocolate candy bar one that i am whipping up right now LOL YUMMY!

KRISTI said...

Love these! So creative. My favorite is the starbursts. The colors are so yummy.

Hannah said...

How cute! What a great idea, you smartie pants!

I so wish I lived closer so I could "help" you eat candy...errrr...I mean help you create adorable bracelets! ;)

ButterflyGem said...

Awe hannah i wished you lived closer too ..we could eat candy and then walk our butts off LOL hehehee....huge hugs ALicia

Farm Girl said...

That's awesome that you just had yet another sweet baby. Sorry I didn't respond back to you but life is crazy around here (but probably no where near as crazy as your household). That's so awesome that' you're still making your cute jewellery. I'm still wasting my talents away and not making any money on my good ideas. I don't know what i'm so scared of. One day, I vow I will take advantage of them. But for now my family and frtiends all benefit from them. Keep in touch.

IRENE said...

I stopped by your etsy boutique today, and I want to say that I like your happy style. It is perfect for my daughters and, dare I say, myself!
Thank you for the beauty which I hope to share soon, and have fun!

Anonymous said...

ooooooh! adorable! what *sweet* jewelry! ;)