Monday, December 15, 2008

Sweet Baby Gal "Letter E" Has the flu Along with Letter's C and D

So As most of you know i am so FREAKY when FLU shots open up for business i am the first in line with All 5 of my kids "Letters A,B,C,D and E" oldest to smallest one by one just like an assembly line ROFL we all get the flu shot!

WELL bah humbug 3 weeks ago my sweet angel "Letter C" she is 4 years old she comes home from school and says Mommy i don't Fell So....BLAH yes BLAH and that's where it all began she was so sick for a solid week with none other that ROTAVIRUS omgoawd i was a wreck everyone was quarantined in separate rooms and my mother in law came {you know its bad when i am calling in for back up help lol} and it was just a nightmare! She ran such high fever's and chill's and just omgosh heartbreaking it was! So we spent three days back and fourth to the Dr.s office loads of tests but ultimately there is no cure for this it just had to run its course and what a nasty gross course it was UGH!

So we got that under our belt and she was in the clear to go back to school so she returned to school after missing 10 days and i was so happy for her! WELL she came home it was last Friday and she began to talk and i literally slammed my brakes i dropped off a healthy happy non sick little girl well i picked up a sweet baby gal who sounded like she swallowed a frog YUCK you have got to be kidding me that's all i was thinking! WELL off to the Dr. 1 hour away mind you! He says well she has no strep...and she has had her flu shot...puzzled he looks at me and says well lets just swab her nose any ways for the flu virus and i just laughed no way Dr...i exclaimed i am the queen of antibacterial soap and i don't dare let my children near a shopping cart we are huge hand washers.... there just is no freaking way! WELL guess the joke was on me indeed because she tested positive for the flu strain.... WHAT.... WHAT ....WHAT.... i wanted to whack him LOL seriously ...are you jocking ...this has to be America's funniest home video's RIGHT no wait let me click my heels together "There is no place like home...No place like home! Well he then explains its very contagious WHAT way i am a wreck and in tears for sure i call my husband who is laughing at me for crying LOL and i let him have an ear full! So my Dr. GOD LOVE HIM always the pessimistic one says here is antibiotic for "Letter C,D,and E" the three babies {3,4 and 10 month old} so i gasp no way we will need this i exclaimed....i will keep her in her room we will be fine "HE giggles" What the heck no way not a time to giggle DR. LOL That was on a Friday around 5pm Saturday 6am Letter D crys "momma my throack it huwts" AHHHHHHH..... then sweet baby D awakes at 9am burning up with fever and a cough LOVELY! So all three have been on zithromax today was the last day and i must say "I SURVIVED" i thought for sure i would be a wreck but "I am okay" it passed quickly and the Dr really took care of me he gave me phenergan with antihystamine's (sp) and god love him he knew when i could not even grasp the idea of everyone having the FLU.... THANK GOD....he took care of me! Me and my husband and the older too kiddos "Letter's A and B" no FLU knock on wood LOL pray that we stay well LOL!

Here is Baby D not feeling well and not letting me brush my teeth LOL

huge hugs


Ashley said...
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Ashley said...

OMGosh Alicia, you sound like me... I am too a germ freak! Sounds like the Christmas we had 3 years ago... my daughter's b-day is Dec. 21st... we had a party with the aunts/uncles/cousins/grandparents -- by Christmas day 19 of the 21 of us that were at the party were throwing up and so sick no one even wanted to open presents! That on will be remembered forever, although not very pleasantly!! :) But, we survived, and we laugh about it now... 3 years later!

Hannah said...

You poor thing, Alicia! I'm so sorry that you've been dealing with so much sickness. :( Big giant (((HUGS))) and germ-free vibes coming your way.