Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy New YEar!

Hey Girls well its so wonderful to have a great New Year ....i dunno about you all but i am exhausted and mentally just EXHAUSTED! How did your new year and Christmas go?

Mine went something like this:

with my babies :) all 5 had an awesome x-mas and too boot my very dear husband surprised us with a trip too Tennessee! YAY HOORAY for vacation's!

DaY AfTeR x-MaS and NeW YeArS EvE we spent in Tennessee on vacation we skiied ...we ate fudge...we rode go-carts...we made candy at the candy shoppe...and we had a BLAST!

JaNuArY,4Th My husband Calls ALicia he explained i just got laid off! YUP truly not expecting that one! None the less God gives us curve balls we just Roll with th punches! We are blessed ....although he was laid off from his consulting job he still has his teaching job at the university so i am grateful...VERY could be much much worse...thank god its just a job and not another hurricane ROFL! SHEW!

JaNuAry,11th while looking for one of my listings that got lost in the search engine on etsy i found out my designs Were being copied and the funny thing is that its being sold for only a fraction of what i sell it for! BAH HUMBUG i guess i have officially made it in the jewelry world when i am being copied watch out Picasso i got mad skills...LOL

so now i need to update with pictures huh! :)
I hope everyone is weathering the cold weather and bad economy my prayers and love are with everyone!
Huge hugs


QuirkyDolls said...

My dh's over time was cut last year and it's been tough but we hang in there. I picked up extra hours and some how the bills get paid

ButterflyGem said...

Awe...quirky ..its hard huge hugs and i am thinking of you and your dear family!

Tivoli-the person not the place said...

Hey girl. I miss you so. Sorry about your DH getting laid off.
:o( But I'm glad he is still teaching. Keep making that beautiful jewelery!

Scrapbooking by Syrena said...

Hi! Just wanted you to know that I gave you the “Lovely Blog Award”
You can read about it here:

ButterflyGem said...