Sunday, July 5, 2009

It's Been A While .....

So Shame on Me....Its Been a While since i last Blogged! My Dear Friend Dara said "ALicia Your children are so beautiful but you have not blogged since December" YIKES!

So What better Reason to blog then to update! ButterflyGem has been EXTREMELY SWAMPED with wonderful Wholesale Boutique orders you can find my beautiful jewelry and bows in Posh baby Boutiques in Australia, Canada, and the US ....I have Grown so much and Learned a LOT! Stuff that i thought i would never in a million years comprehend or even fathom! {especially for a small town simple Gal}

I will be Doing my Annual Christmas in July Bogo Sale and it will be the Biggest SALE yet! I have added my Dear friend Adrianne and her amazing custom clothing will also be included in my BOGO Sale yes that's right BOGO buy one get one half off! I Am CRAZY i know it! This sale is in Appreciation for all of my wonderful customer's 300+ and counting! I will also be doing a blog basket give-away so check back often!

I look forward in Growing and Exploring new Adventure's and outfitting all of the Sweet feet in your lives for years to come!
Huge hugs! ALicia

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